Friday, 5 June 2015

Thought of the day...

This beautiful Buddhist quote found its way to my inbox two days ago, and it made me think....

"Don’t worry! The times when you are suffering and struggling in that way,  taking action, and working really hard, are the greatest opportunities for you to do your human revolution and make headway in changing your karma.
​ There’s no need to be anxious or impatient. This is the time to surely and steadily create the causes for your future victory—to sow seeds that will bear fruit later (In planting a forest,) some of the seeds might be carried away by birds. If that happens, just plant some more. Some of the young shoots that emerge may be destroyed by the elements. Again, just plant some more. As you repeat this process again and again, eventually you will create a vast forest. This is a principle of Buddhism.
​ Morning always follows night. Having faith that a new day will arrive is the spirit of Nichiren Buddhism. The important thing is not to quit, not to give up. Always keep taking some positive action. As long as you keep trying, you will be able to move forward. The fact that you are challenging yourself is itself a victory. To win means to never succumb to self-defeat."

Pen to I am again... an outlet for my thought of the day. I realise it's been 2 whole years since I've is that possible!
Since the last post, I've married, moved homes, travelled some (loads),  upgraded my job to finally be in a role I love, and .... been blessed to birth the most beautiful cheeky adventurous self assured little boy I could have ever dreamed of. What time has been spent and how incredible life can change in one moment.

Today's quote and thought for today is just in the simple realisation that in moving forward and never succumbing to defeat, truth and understanding of ones self must be at the forefront of the mind. I've most definitely felt life's struggle days of late.... hardship, loneliness, depression, exhaustion, anxiety, name it I've been feeling it. 
But after reading the quote that beautifully reached me at the exact moment I needed it, I realised my truth exists in all its shapes and forms, and I must not succumb to self-defeat. I must rise in the new day and release the prior days failures/successes and continue planting to create my success. 

As I've written in earlier posts, I am truly an imperfect person, but I am a true work in progress and for that I feel pride and strength. I make mistakes. I learn. And for that I feel thankful. 

May you for today, exhale the night and inhale the morning. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Letter to a friend

Dear Friend,
I am an imperfect person. That is for sure. I feel a lot and I think far too much than one really should. I worry a little too much (caused by the over-thinking), I take most things to heart, and I have few to little emotional borders that can protect the human spirit. I am stubborn and competitive. I am a talker, and when I do listen am a good listener, but need to remember to actually do it for it to be effective. I never quite feel good enough on my worst of worst days and on the best, still have an edge of self-doubt hanging around my shoulders. I see the flaws in my outer shell forgetting all too quickly that’s just my casing, not my soul or heart that equals what matters.

 I am all of these things and have a longer line than we have time for of all of my imperfections, but at the end of the line, my imperfections –like those that live within us all – make me up to be me, and for that reason I hereby wouldn't change a single one of them.

I'm learning that instead of ‘change’ being the operative word, growth with and interaction between these imperfections should indeed be the goal. Knowing when to let things go to my heart and when to kick their butt with my head, is one example. Knowing how to brush things off just a little more than I do to protect my tender heart is another. Looking at my outer shell and acknowledging it as a pretty good outer shell filled with health, clarity and working joints and systems is always a good place to start.

But see my dear friend it is through you I learn how to deal with the other imperfections. I realise it can hurt generally us both, but mostly it crashes into you, when I make another discovery, but through you and because of you I get the beautiful opportunity to learn and grow from it. To acknowledge it and move on from it, gaining your love and respect along the way and learning more about who I am within it. They say friends act as a mirror, and when I met you I knew it to be true. Whilst we are so different you show me the different sides I need in my life and need for my well-being. You show me who I want to be, and where I'm currently at, and I see life as it really is.
I see me, through you. Because of you.  And thanks to you. My hope as always will be, my dear friend, that I be of similar value to you in your journey of life.
Human Family By: Maya Angelou
I note the obvious differences
in the human family.
Some of us are serious,
some thrive on comedy.

Some declare their lives are lived
as true profundity,
and others claim they really live
the real reality.

The variety of our skin tones
can confuse, bemuse, delight,
brown and pink and beige and purple,
tan and blue and white.

I've sailed upon the seven seas
and stopped in every land,
I've seen the wonders of the world
not yet one common man.

I know ten thousand women
called Jane and Mary Jane,
but I've not seen any two
who really were the same.

Mirror twins are different
although their features jibe,
and lovers think quite different thoughts
while lying side by side.

We love and lose in China,
we weep on England's moors,
and laugh and moan in Guinea,
and thrive on Spanish shores.

We seek success in Finland,
are born and die in Maine.
In minor ways we differ,
in major we're the same.

I note the obvious differences
between each sort and type,
but we are more alike, my friends,
than we are unalike.

We are more alike, my friends,
than we are unalike. 
We are more alike, my friends,
than we are unalike.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A little slice of home

Home really is where the heart is, and whilst I'm adamant that London won't be my permanent home, a little piece of a heavenly home is what we're beginning to create here.
It's taken us almost 10 months to put pictures on the wall, but as I say you really need to live in a place to get a feel for where things belong (even if new-build style homes don't have an overtly unique presence or feel), before you can just start hammering away (Also, life has been really busy, so creative neglect are the words that come to mind, sad but true).

But creativity for my home, here I come! I even said to Filip the other day, I'd gladly pass up a holiday to buy some new furniture instead. Because home is really where the heart is, and I'm in the beginnings of sinking my teeth into my new home ;)

Here's a few of my favourite pieces I've stumbled across days of late, so stay tuned and I'll be sure to post some pics when it's looking a little more considered :)

P.S The major challenge also we've faced has been that London's apartments aren't overly spacious. So finding pieces to complete the home without cramping it's style, has been trickier than I thought. But I'm always up for a challenge, so I hope it turns out A OK!

For the wishlist - the fonteyn series is fab-o from 
(Sadly for us our place is too small for this media unit) £549

Loving the red and blue infusion of colour here! £269.

Cannot wait to buy this gem of a chair - I love that it doesn't restrict you with arm rests.
Cant wait to curl up in this divine little piece. £169



A good old Ikea favourite for the bedside.
I kinda wish it had more space for another drawer but I love the
rustic feel and the placement of things underneath.
Ikea £40
Ikea £90

My other favourite piece from Ikea - needing to change our coffee table from rectangular to round. I think this solves the problem :)

Not sure this will entirely work for this home, but love the storage
space infused with a bookshelf.
Habitat £200

And lastly - the media unit I think will solve the issue of wall sockets being placed in the wrong spot. 

Habitat £150

Monday, 17 June 2013


  1. (of a substance or object) Able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.
  2. (of a person or animal) Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
In the past use of this word, I've noted it to be used mainly in contexts of great hardships, or to describe survival of events that were extremely tough. But it was a word floating around my mind this morning and seems to sum up how I'm feeling, or perhaps how I'm not feeling.

I've felt a little lonely days of late, and even when I've been around people, I've felt a slightly emptier version of myself than usual. I've had a few events become cancelled or postponed, and I guess it's made me feel....(trying to think of the best word)...I guess let down and unimportant. I know life gets in the way at the best of times, but it's just left me feeling a little more down than usual.

So back to the resilience topic - I guess I'm trying to bounce myself back to 'usual' Shae - not that I would describe myself commonly as resilient, or even to describe myself as that in this context. But I think the message is still clear in that, whatever tough time we face, we should empower ourselves to have a resilient spirit, to not doubt ourselves and to not give up.

I'm also trying to not hold the grudge and let it all go. I'm trying to really hold onto the belief, that it's not that I'm uncared for or that I'm unimportant. But whether that is the case or not, no one likes to feel let down or less of a a work in progress. Resilience. What I do know with all my heart of this word and it's meaning - it empowers, it strengthens and it makes me want to fight harder the next time, as I know in getting back up, we learn more about ourselves every time. Food for thought :)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Veronese state of mind

I swear that I am Italian. There must be some kind of Italian blood in me – surely – somewhere…
There’s not – I’m genetically told there’s not – but I really swear that somehow something in me – spirit, soul or mind – is truly 100% Italian.
“First of all, let's get one thing straight. Your Italy and our Italia are not the same thing. Italy is a soft drug peddled in predictable packages, such as hills in the sunset, olive groves, lemon trees, white wine, and raven-haired girls. Italia, on the other hand, is a maze. It's alluring, but complicated. It's the kind of place that can have you fuming and then purring in the space of a hundred meters, or in the course of ten minutes. Italy is the only workshop in the world that can turn out both Botticelli and Berlusconi.”Beppe Severgnini, La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind
I feel 100% myself when I am in Italy – I feel at home when I am in Italy – and I feel happiness and peace when I am in Italy. When I travel abroad – be it for a weekend, a week or a month, I aim to go when there will be sunshine, warmth, health and a fab time.  This weekend we travelled without my ususal requirements.
It was a bit chilly, rainy as heck (I thought the river would sweep me away if I fell – that’s how much rain Verona had) and the weekend held two semi-jet-lagged-still-exhausted travellers in Filip and I – not to mention he got a migraine on the Saturday night, mid-way through our weekend adventure (I didn’t mind as I was shattered anyway and was nice to take care of him) BUT – through it all, did we care? – No, not one bit. Why? Because it was Italy.

I’m sure you’ve read my posts before about my affair with Italy – Florence, Pisa, Rome, Rome, Rome. This time was Verona – meant to be Venice – but Verona and a day trip to Padua instead, and as always it delivered in true style. The food – the culture, the people, the architecture, the landscape, the boutiques, the wine and the absolute style it just oozes. Like I said for me Italy is "me" through and through.
Verona’s left me with some resonating thoughts though. When I arrived I wondered if I felt at peace purely because life felt simpler here. It's not unknown that Verona’s a relatively small town. You don’t travel to Verona if you’re looking to work in fashion (Milan) or in business (Rome) or even for Art per se (Florence). For the career moves you’d travel elsewhere – instead for Verona you travel in search of discovering love the way Juliet did in Romeo, or listening to the Opera in the outdoor arena, or strolling down the streets admiring the boutiques without being too trampled on by all of the tourists. Life here is simpler.

Simpler. Simple. The word that I left Verona pondering over.  I really feel like life in London amongst Londoners has shattered my understanding, at the best of times, of what a simple life is. And what it feels like. I remember knowing I wanted to have a career, and I wanted to dream big dreams, and live life to the fullest – but also to have life be relatively simple at some stage, so I would have time to really enjoy the moments life treats us so kindly with. In London simple kind of goes out of the window (which in part makes London hold its "coolness"), and instead structure comes in filled with appointments in the calendar and diaries filled to the brim - and "simple" isn’t really defined clearly, if at all.
I think there’s a fear of simplicity in that we won’t be viewed as successful or as achieving much if anything. But I really believe simple (for me at least) is the key to my heart. It unlocks my mind in capturing the images of life, and cuts me the slack I don’t seem to do in general. It relieves me of the day-to-day pressure I place on my own shoulders, and lets me get back to just living.

Verona held this key on a platter for me. I strolled and felt more relaxed than I have in quite some time. I felt calm. Maybe it helped having wine at lunchtime too – but the general calmness of this town just really suited my whole being. I really urge you to travel through to Verona and spend some time. Hop on a train as we did and head to Padua – explore and just consume the sights – it’s exactly how its meant to be and whilst you’re mulling over how this country can possibly produce Botticelli and in the same country produce Berlusconi– take a sip of the wine and have hope the culture will remain, their politics will one day be restored and they’ll be led by one who values the simplicity and the amazing country it truly is and all she has to offer.
“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” Guiseppe Verdi
I usually fill my blog with the places I've been that I recommend. So not to fear, please see below two restaurants, a pizzeria, the cafe for espressos and the clothing if you fancy :)We literally stumbled across this place
12 Apostoli- and it was amazing. We met a new friend Gina here, who translated all of the history we learnt about when the owner took us down to the basement to see the old Roman Roads. Fab fab fab!
When Filip wasn't 100% we just wanted local, simple and good dinner. We asked a local in the neighbourhood where to get easy pizza from and he recommended Il Cappero to us - which was again Amazing. Just nice to be amongst the local life and down to earth nature with fab food.
A restaurant our new friends Monica and Luca suggested we visit (a famous place amongst Italians) was 4 Cuochi  (4 Chefs) will be on our to do list when we return, as we missed out on this one. Note: Make sure you book via their email or phone reservations team.
Fab coffee at the bar like the real Italians do it - head here. Simple, easy and good good espressos :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


It is the most perfect day in London today – clear blue skies and a cool breeze, the sun shining as brightly as ever and the warmth of her rays hitting everyone in their way ;) Amazing.

I was looking through my clothes this morning and wondering what to wear – the dilemma of every morning – and I realised it seems spring’s been slightly missed. The coats/jackets I always keep for the autumn chill and spring breeze – seem to have been placed aside, as the 20degree weather is finally upon us and the coats are really just not needed at this time. Oh well – they’ll just have to wait for Autumn ;)

London in the sunshine is just such a different city – the landmarks look different, the tube feels brighter and airier (we’re not in summer just yet – so air is still available!) and the people finally bring their best fashion accessory available – they smile! They joke, they laugh – they come alive again after the grey clouds have suffocated their presence for all of those dark and cold wintery days. (Don’t get me wrong – winter has its own charm too – it has an ambiance of mysteriousness and mystique amongst it – and brings about a hurried zone to get inside to the warmth where you can enjoy your glass of red by the heater or fire in the local pub) The city’s different – it’s London in the summer –and there is really nothing quite like it.
So even in all of this amazing sunshine I’ve been struggling to catch my thoughts these past few weeks. What I mean by catching my thoughts is like having the calmness and clarity and assurance all is ok. I’ve felt like things have been floating around instead of being secure and my thoughts as a result have led me to feel a bit unsure of myself and lacking in confidence. Not dramatically – just slightly off balance and not my usual self. I’ve just kind of lost my footing, but within even constructive criticisms I’m trying to keep on and stay self-assured, as insecurity should never win on each of ourselves. There’s always got to be acceptance for the good opinions and for the bad, but overall – we must adhere to our own maintenance of self-appreciation.

It’s cool in Yotopia’s yoga sessions – the teachers always ask you to thank yourself for coming to class and giving yourself time and energy – so simple yet so true and so effective. My beautiful soulful friend Julia and I just chatted (all too briefly) on this last night. We focus so much on what we ‘should’ have done with our time (I honestly believe there are never enough hours in the day for any of us) instead of acknowledging actually what we have done – it’s so cruel sometimes how much we pressure ourselves, and I said to Ju – everyone struggles with not letting themselves off the hook for the things in their day they haven’t gotten around to – everyone. So she should feel pleased with her productivity on what she had done and stop pressuring herself on the other items she hadn’t gotten around to.
Speaking of productivity – I’m starting ballet again this week for the first time in maybe 5years – OMG! Am super excited though and looking forward to getting back to the technique and having my body move again in a dance studio. Cannot wait! I feel it’s so important to spend time doing things you enjoy, things that are good for your mind, body and soul and considering I’ve felt a bit shaken – getting back to the basic roots of what I love and what makes me happy (even though my heart is wrapped up in contemporary dance, ballet will be ok for now) is key for this week. It’s a time to just zone out of the hectic nature of life and zone into my own little happy area. In speaking of Julia – she reminds me of this person every time I spend time with her – she is the epitome of happiness, goodness, generosity of spirit and kindness through and through – anytime with her is always such a fab time – so Ju if you’re reading – thank you super muchly for reminding me this week! You’re a star!

So enjoy the spring if you’re in London – If you’re in Aus or NZ you’ve got sunshine still also I believe so enjoy it there too! And
try and find some quiet moments this week to check in for yourself and chill out. As My beautiful Mama emailed me another reminder and food for thought today:
Keep strong, keep faith, keep loving