Friday, 5 June 2015

Thought of the day...

This beautiful Buddhist quote found its way to my inbox two days ago, and it made me think....

"Don’t worry! The times when you are suffering and struggling in that way,  taking action, and working really hard, are the greatest opportunities for you to do your human revolution and make headway in changing your karma.
​ There’s no need to be anxious or impatient. This is the time to surely and steadily create the causes for your future victory—to sow seeds that will bear fruit later (In planting a forest,) some of the seeds might be carried away by birds. If that happens, just plant some more. Some of the young shoots that emerge may be destroyed by the elements. Again, just plant some more. As you repeat this process again and again, eventually you will create a vast forest. This is a principle of Buddhism.
​ Morning always follows night. Having faith that a new day will arrive is the spirit of Nichiren Buddhism. The important thing is not to quit, not to give up. Always keep taking some positive action. As long as you keep trying, you will be able to move forward. The fact that you are challenging yourself is itself a victory. To win means to never succumb to self-defeat."

Pen to I am again... an outlet for my thought of the day. I realise it's been 2 whole years since I've is that possible!
Since the last post, I've married, moved homes, travelled some (loads),  upgraded my job to finally be in a role I love, and .... been blessed to birth the most beautiful cheeky adventurous self assured little boy I could have ever dreamed of. What time has been spent and how incredible life can change in one moment.

Today's quote and thought for today is just in the simple realisation that in moving forward and never succumbing to defeat, truth and understanding of ones self must be at the forefront of the mind. I've most definitely felt life's struggle days of late.... hardship, loneliness, depression, exhaustion, anxiety, name it I've been feeling it. 
But after reading the quote that beautifully reached me at the exact moment I needed it, I realised my truth exists in all its shapes and forms, and I must not succumb to self-defeat. I must rise in the new day and release the prior days failures/successes and continue planting to create my success. 

As I've written in earlier posts, I am truly an imperfect person, but I am a true work in progress and for that I feel pride and strength. I make mistakes. I learn. And for that I feel thankful. 

May you for today, exhale the night and inhale the morning. 

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